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Powerhaus FAQ

Powerhaus FAQ

Getting started with Powerhaus

The Powerhaus app is a sophisticated tool designed to revolutionise the way architects, builders, and homeowners approach energy efficiency in building design. At its core, the app features an interactive dashboard that integrates data from a comprehensive NatHERS thermal model, providing users with actionable insights and real-time feedback.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Model Integration: Once a project is initiated, a detailed NatHERS thermal model is created for your specific design. This model encompasses various factors, including insulation levels, window types, and overall building orientation.
  2. Interactive Dashboard: The app presents this model in an interactive dashboard format, allowing users to manipulate variables and instantly see how changes affect the building’s thermal performance and energy efficiency.
  3. Real-Time Adjustments: Users can adjust components such as insulation thickness, window sizes, shading solutions, and more. Each adjustment updates the thermal model in real time, providing immediate feedback on potential energy savings and efficiency improvements.
  4. Scenario Testing: The app allows for testing multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios, giving users the power to explore various design alterations and their impacts on energy performance without the need to manually recalibrate the model.
  5. Collaborative Features: Designed with collaboration in mind, the app enables multiple users to access and modify the same model, ensuring that architects, builders, and homeowners can work together seamlessly to achieve the best possible design outcome.

By bridging the gap between complex thermal modeling and user-friendly interface, the Powerhaus app empowers its users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, ultimately leading to more sustainable and energy-efficient building designs.

The Powerhaus app is ideally suited for professionals in the design, architecture, and construction industries. It is designed to enhance the workflow of those experienced in building and environmental design by providing advanced tools to optimize energy efficiency through detailed thermal modeling.

However, the app is not exclusive to professionals. Homeowners who are keen on improving their property’s energy performance can also benefit from using the Powerhaus app. While some of the terms and functionalities might be technical, we encourage homeowners to collaborate with their design and build teams. This collaboration can help homeowners understand the impact of various design choices and ensure that they are making the most informed decisions about their renovations or new construction projects.

The Powerhaus app is designed to run smoothly on any modern web browser. Currently, the Powerhaus app is not optimized for mobile devices. While it is possible to access the app on a smartphone or tablet, for the best functionality and viewing experience, we suggest using a desktop or laptop computer.

Each project within the Powerhaus app requires a unique, customized thermal model tailored to the specific design and requirements of the house. Therefore, a user must purchase a separate model for each client’s house. However, users can manage multiple projects conveniently from a single account, with each project’s model accessible through a unified dashboard. This setup allows repeat users to efficiently switch between different client projects, maintain organisation, and ensure each design receives individualised attention and optimisation.

Thank you for your interest in starting a project with the Powerhaus app! We are currently preparing to welcome new users and are excited to bring you on board. While we finalize the app’s features to ensure the best possible experience, we encourage you to register to become one of our first users.

We will notify you as soon as we are ready to launch, and you will be among the first to know when you can begin creating new jobs and optimising your projects with our innovative tools.

Using Powerhaus

The foundational model used in the Powerhaus app is built on the NatHERS thermal model, renowned for its precision in simulating thermal performance in buildings. When you start with Powerhaus, we’ll ask for some preliminary build details and at least minimum plans. This information forms the basis of our highly accurate modeling.

In the app, we interpolate data from your initial inputs to provide real-time feedback on your design modifications. While this approach allows for quick adjustments and scenario testing, it’s important to note that the interpolated results can vary. Typically, you might see differences of about 10% in star ratings and other metrics compared to more static, detailed calculations. This variance is a normal aspect of real-time data processing, giving you a highly responsive but slightly less precise tool for making design decisions.

Additionally, we are currently enhancing the shading component of our model. We believe that the impact of seasonal shading is often underestimated in standard NatHERS modeling. Improving this aspect is crucial for creating resilient home designs that are truly suited to their environments. By developing this feature, we aim to provide even more accurate and relevant information for sustainable building design.

Yes, the Powerhaus app currently supports the export of detailed reports that outline the changes you’ve made to your projects. These reports provide a comprehensive summary of your modifications, helping you track progress and assess the impact on your project’s energy efficiency. We are actively working to expand this functionality to include more detailed analytics and customizable report features to better serve your needs in project documentation and analysis.

The Powerhaus app integrates seamlessly with the NatHERS thermal model, which includes comprehensive climate zone data tailored to the exact location of your project.

Yes, the Powerhaus app includes access for up to two users, allowing both the homeowner and their architect or designer to have their own accounts. Each user can access the house model independently. The app supports simultaneous modifications, enabling both users to make changes in real time or save and share their preferred optimizations. This feature ensures seamless collaboration and facilitates efficient decision-making throughout the design process.

 Access is for one house model and includes unlimited access to that model for up to 3 months, and longer subject to requirements. 

At Powerhaus, we are committed to making sustainability the standard in the building industry. We believe everyone should have the ability to construct homes that not only meet their own energy needs through solar power but also contribute positively to the climate. By providing tools and insights that enable higher energy efficiency ratings, we empower builders and homeowners to create sustainable, energy-independent homes that serve as climate solutions.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive guidebook with detailed explainers and video demonstrations to help you get the most out of the Powerhaus app. Our resources are designed to ensure you have all the knowledge and support you need to optimize your building designs for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.