Simple, fast home energy efficiency design & rating.

The Powerhaus app dashboard helps the next generation of architects, building professionals and home owners easily optimise the star rating and energy use of your house design.

Simple, fast home energy efficiency design. No more useless energy ratings.

The Powerhaus dashboard helps the next generation of architects, building professionals and homeowners easily optimise the star rating and energy use of your house design.

Powerhaus app features 15

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About the app

Make easy energy efficiency decisions for your next home design

  • Optimise star rating and build design
  • Size solar systems
  • Specify optimal insulation levels
  • Assess window types and cost-benefit
  • Measure energy savings
how it works

Improve NatHERS star ratings, instantly

Finally, you have the data you need to achieve 7-star ratings and above, allowing you to get answers to your questions and explore infinite building options with ease. The Powerhaus app guides you through optimizing designs for higher energy efficiency ratings with real-time feedback, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards effortlessly.

Material and construction adjustment

Powerhaus insulation construction tab

Quickly modify wall materials and adjust insulation levels to enhance thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Fine-tune floor insulation and slab edges to reduce thermal bridges and improve overall comfort.

Window and glazing optimisation

Powerhaus window selector U value SHGC

Optimise window specifications, including U-values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, to achieve better thermal efficiency and sunlight control.

Fine tune window choice by orientation and season.

Energy performance insights

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Evaluate your home’s energy requirements against solar system capacities to find the best fit for energy independence.

Compare different heating systems based on efficiency to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


What our users say

For years, the true potential of the NatHERS software as a design tool was only accessible if paired with a trained thermal performance assessor. This often made the design process slower, more expensive, and limited the ability of designers to learn directly from the software.

The Powerhaus dashboard is a game-changer. Its superbly designed interface allows designers to instantly test the impact of various critical parameters, giving them a clear understanding of the most effective levers for any particular design.
Jenny Edwards
Light House Architecture and Science
2023 National Energy Efficiency Champion
At The Mill, we have long been looking for a tool that will allow us to learn and grow as designers, whilst making real time decisions that impact our projects. This tool is exactly that… it is infinitely valuable for us to have quick access to the impact adjustments to the built form will have on the thermal performance. We can’t wait to use it for all of our projects!
Shannon Battisson
The Mill Architecture and Design

We transform home energy efficiency for everyone

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Access cutting-edge tools to enhance sustainability, be confident reaching 7 stars and engage your clients with a shareable dashboard to track progress and energy efficiency goals.

Building teams

Maximise cost savings and efficiency with tools designed to help you achieve 7-star ratings quickly and easily. Take control of the process and ensure the most appropriate building upgrades are made.


Boost your home’s sustainability and confidently achieve a 7-star energy rating, with your own design’s energy efficiency data. Keep track of your progress with a shareable dashboard that lets you monitor energy efficiency goals in real-time.

Connected decision-making

Easy collaboration between design and construction

Powerhaus app features 15
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You’re in charge

Instant feedback, giving you control

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Powerhaus app features 15